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CSA Releases Salary Scale Liberian Daily Observer

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2011-02-14 10:37:19

CSA Releases Salary Scale Liberian Daily Observer The Civil Service Agency CSA , on Tuesday, February 8, released its latest grading system and salary scale for civil servants nationwide. ...

It is 7:53 pm in Monrovia on Friday, November 13, 2015

Former Foreign Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan

Not Prepared to Be in A Political Icebox Come 2017

Ngafuan Provides Reason for Controversial Resignation on Foreign Soil

According to him, had he done so in Liberia, the President would have been responding to inquiries from every foreign friend and partner she met concerning the resignation of her Foreign Minister just as she was about to leave to attend the UNGA.

He clarified that in his resignation discussions with the President she understood the rationale and gracefully accepted my resignation.

He said that he had weighed all his options before he finally decided to resign on foreign soil, to be in compliance with the law.

The former Foreign Minister, whose resignation took effect on October 10, told the Bumper Show s host, Mr. Patrick Honnah, that he wrote his letter of resignation on September 25, but submitted it to his boss five days later.

Laying his premise for the talk-show discussion on Wednesday, Mr. Ngafuan said that he has always stated that come 2017 he was not prepared to be in what he termed as a political icebox, or being inactive.

The law, which the nation s former chief diplomat referred to, is the National Code of Conduct for All Public Officials and Employees.

Specifically, he emphasized that he disagreed with the Code s Part V five on Political Participation, which reads: All officials...[more]

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